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Welcome to…Alaerya

One of three main continents on the planet of Naya’naera, Alaerya is home to the majority of humans that came across from the Kingdom of Alderheim. There are a number of magical creatures, as well as a small amount of Daeval (Elves). The royal family of Alaerya resided in the city of Karmos, which is currently in the care of the last king’s advisor, Corvus.

Most humans in Alaerya can use magick, but their abilities and skill levels vary. They need to use Alaeryan crystals to act as conduits to increase their gifts, to power light, and to perform a lot of basic tasks that require magick. There are a small number of humans who do not need the assistance of these crystals, and they are known as the Nadura, which is Old Daevalyan for Original or Natural.

This map is a rough, and I mean rough, draft. Names are not likely to change, but the layout may have alterations, and I definitely will be updating the look of it.

Thank you to for providing the tools needed to create this. Please visit them if you need to a design any type of map, they have free tools you can use to start.

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