Writing Snippet

Untitled – Lake

This was the only lake for miles. Surrounded by aging willows and withered shrubs, it would seem this place had no life in it at all. It was probably the most soul-filled place in the entire Universe. Literally. There was a teal glow that hung just on the surface of the water, like the bioluminescence of fireflies or some sort of algae. They were the echoes of the souls trapped in the lake. If you listened closely, when there was absolute silence, conversations could be heard between the souls. Memories of past lives, wars, trepidations, trials, love and loss. Every so often, a part of the lake would shine as bright as the closest star, then dim into the ripples it created, ebbing and flowing until the water star joined the rest of the souls. Someone, somewhere, had taken their last breath, and made the journey over land and forest and sky and desert to this restful prism of azure, cerulean and sapphire.



Photo by Pixabay

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